Community Services - Protective Services
St. Claude Fire Department 
The St. Claude Fire Department is comprised of 25 highly trained professionals operating as a volunteer service.
The department protects about 170 square miles including the Village of St.Claude, LUD of Haywood and parts of the RM of Grey and Dufferin. Average yearly call volume of 34 calls per year.
A full range of services are provided including but not limited to fire suppression, vehicle rescue, medical first response, child seat inspections as well as building fire inspections and public education.
2008 Rosenbauer / Freightliner Pumper: 1050 gal / min pump, 1000 gal tank, Jaws Of Life

2004 Freightliner Tanker: 2600 gal tank, 550 gal / min portable pump

1982 Chevy 1 Ton Mini Pumper: 250 gal / min pump, 250 gal tank

1986 Ford E350 Rescue: spare air bottles, breathing apparatus

2005 Ford Explorer Medical Unit

Anyone interested in joining the fire department as a firefighter or a medic, please fill out the application on the website and drop it off at the village office.
Any questions or comments can be sent to
Fire Chief: David Chappellaz

Deputy Chief: Leen Blok

Recruitment & Training Officer: Pat Massinon

Public Education: Stef Rey